My Hobbies: A Journey Through Books, Bouldering, and Culinary Adventures

Hello and welcome to a glimpse into my world outside of graphic design. Here, I immerse myself in the joys of reading, the thrill of climbing, and the art of cooking. Each of these hobbies represents a vital part of my life, offering unique challenges, learning, and immense satisfaction.

Reading: Exploring Worlds through Words
Books have always been magical to me, opening doors to diverse worlds and ideas. I cherish the quiet moments spent with a book, losing myself in the narratives and wisdom within their pages. As an avid reader, I not only explore a wide range of genres but also actively participate in a Reading Round group based in Manchester. This group has been a fantastic platform for me to share insights, engage in stimulating discussions, and discover new perspectives through literature.
Current Reads: Here’s a glimpse of what I’m currently reading The Still Point by Katherine Moss.

Bouldering: My Vertical Playground

Bouldering is where I find my adrenaline rush. Unlike traditional climbing, bouldering involves short, challenging routes without the use of ropes or harnesses. It’s a test of strength, strategy, and problem-solving skills. Each route is a new puzzle, demanding creativity and physical agility. The satisfaction of completing a tough problem is unparalleled, and it continually pushes me to improve and tackle more complex challenges.

My Culinary Experiments

Cooking is where I blend creativity with flavour. It’s like graphic design but for the palate. Experimenting with recipes, trying out new ingredients, and tweaking traditional dishes to create something unique is incredibly rewarding. The kitchen is my lab, and every meal is an experiment that I hope ends deliciously.