Manchester Spirit Posters


Celebrate the vibrant soul of Manchester with this stunning poster from the ‘Manchester Spirit’ collection, artfully designed by a passionate Mancunian artist. This piece, titled “Bees and Library,” beautifully marries the grandeur of the Manchester Central Library’s architecture with the emblematic bees, recognized as symbols of the city’s industrious community and unyielding energy.

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Vivid Imagery: The Manchester Central Library, rendered in striking hues, stands as a beacon of knowledge.

Symbolic Representation: Bees, depicted in lifelike detail behind the library, signify the diligent spirit of Manchester, aligning with the city’s core values of unity and perseverance.

Add a slice of Manchester’s pride to your collection with this meaningful and aesthetically pleasing poster. Whether it’s for your own space or as a gift for a fellow Mancunian at heart, “Bees and Library” is a celebration of the city’s enduring spirit, ready to adorn any wall it graces.

-Dimensions: A3 [297 x 420 mm or 11.7 x 16.5 inches]
-Material: Premium quality glossy paper