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As a proud Mancunian, I’m thrilled to share my poster collection that captures the essence of Manchester. Each piece interweaves the city’s iconic landmarks with its rich history, reflecting my deep connection to the place I call home. This series is my artistic tribute to Manchester’s enduring spirit.



Manchester Central Library with Bees: This poster uniquely combines the architectural beauty of the Manchester Central Library with bees, a symbol of Manchester’s industrious spirit and community ethos. The bees are behind the library, symbolizing knowledge and diligence, core values that resonate with Manchester’s identity.

Beetham Tower with Cotton Flowers: Beetham Tower, a symbol of Manchester’s modern skyline, is artistically paired with cotton flowers in this poster. This combination pays homage to Manchester’s historical nickname, “Cottonopolis,” reflecting the city’s industrial past as a cotton mill powerhouse. The poster captures the essence of Manchester’s evolution from industrial roots to contemporary heights.

Rise up, Women: The statue, also known as ‘Our Emmeline’, depicts the formidable Emmeline Pankhurst, who spearheaded the suffragette movement, fighting for women’s voting rights in the UK. Unveiled on the centenary of the 1918 general election, it commemorates the monumental occasion when women first cast their votes, underscoring Manchester’s long-standing role in championing social justice. a

Now on Sale at The Portico Library!

As we delve into the captivating visuals of Manchester through my poster collection, I’m excited to share another delightful opportunity for art and history enthusiasts.
Be sure to visit The Portico Library at 57 Mosley St. I warmly invite you to explore both the library’s treasures and my collection.

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