Lunar New Year -Pattern design

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A Homage to Heritage: As a designer, blending the traditional with the modern is my way of paying homage to our shared heritage while crafting something fresh and new. This pattern is a visual story of where we come from and where we are going, a narrative woven into the very fabric of the Lunar New Year.


Harmony in Symmetry: The koi fish, representing abundance and perseverance, symmetrically flank the lotus, a symbol of purity and enlightenment. It’s a visual representation of the tranquil flow of nature and prosperity.

Centred in Prosperity: The persimmon at its core — speaks to a year where wealth and good fortune are within reach, surrounded by the protective embrace of power and good fortune as denoted by the ruyi.

Abundance in Unity: Centerstage in this pattern, the clementine—symbolic of prosperity and good fortune in the Lunar New Year—sits cradled by the graceful arcs of koi fish, signifying persistence and strength. This design encapsulates a harmonious union where the sweetness of success is supported by the enduring flow of resilience.

Eternal Blessings: The bat, an emblem of good fortune, and the Shou Tao symbolizing longevity come together in a mesmerizing dance. The bat’s wings unfurl around the peach, creating a sense of protective embrace, while the symmetry of the design speaks to balance and an enduring life filled with blessings. This piece reflects the deep-rooted symbolism in Lunar New Year celebrations, offering a visual prayer for health and happiness.

Peach Blossom: Traditionally linked with romance and the lure of new beginnings, the peach blossom is also a sign of good health and fortune, often used to decorate spaces during the Lunar New Year for its joyful and life-affirming symbolism.

Tradition Coin: A classic icon of wealth and prosperity, the round shape with a square hole represents the harmonious blend of heaven (circle) and earth (square), and it is believed to attract financial stability and success.

Endless Knot: This complex design is a representation of the interconnectedness of all phenomena. It suggests longevity, harmony, and the cyclical nature of life, embodying the belief that everything in the world is interconnected.

Paper Cut Chicken: In Traditional culture, the chicken (or rooster) is a symbol of good fortune, honesty, and physical and moral fortitude. As part of the zodiac, the chicken is also associated with the dawn and awakening of new beginnings. The art of paper cutting is a traditional practice that is thought to bring good luck and happiness to households.

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